Spiderweb Thoughts

dolphin thoughts
Part 2: Spider thoughts
I have so many thoughts, all the time.
Previously, I described them like a logical string, one to the next. But that’s not completely accurate…
Perhaps they are less like dolphin thoughts, forming little pods, a few of which come to the surface to be verbalised. Perhaps they are more like spiderweb thoughts, branching further and further away…

Let’s take the same example as last time…
Them: I read a poem last night. It was beautiful and it made me feel so nostalgic.
Me: That’s cool! Did you know that bees have abstract thought?
Them: What? Could you not change the subject please?
Me: Oh right, sorry…

This is how it went:
Poetry; Sappho; History of women’s sexuality; Destruction of history of sexuality (religious).
Poetry; Abstract thought required to represent concepts non-literally; Linked to our use of symbolic language? Rare in animals; Koko (gorilla) had a concept of death, Bees understand the concept of 0; They regard 0 as lower than 1, showing they can conceptualise abstract concepts; Bees have abstract thought!
Poetry; aesthetics > semantics; asemic writing, glossomania; Poorly understood due to links to psychosis; Reflective of general disregard of individuals considered to have psychiatric differences, Disregarded from many theories of language use despite being a language use.
Poetry; aesthetics > semantics; asemic writing, glossomania; “clanging”; pink moon mice are clangers; Mice have a linear, non-gendered social hierarchy, sometimes referred to as matriarchal; Bees are matriarchal.
*. this is just my immediately thoughts about poetry; there is a similar web on “beauty”, “night”, and “nostalgia”.
Me: That’s cool! Did you know that bees have abstract thought?

I know loads of different information.
And when someone brings something up, all of my information around it will become “active” in my mind. It all happens at once, like a firework going off. I sift through it all, and figure out the most appropriate thing to say. But what I think is most appropriate to say is usually the thing I find to be most interesting. And to the other person, this can feel completely off topic, as if I didn’t even listen to them! I did listen. And then I went off on a million different tangents! All linked to what was said, but all specific to information that I have.

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