Autism Month 2023

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Welcome All!
To our 2023 Autism Month Blog Series.

Typically known as “Autism Awareness Month” we know that most social media posts and articles are just that, bringing you awareness. Here at Autistic Nottingham, we are entirely user-led and we know the world is very much “aware” of us as Autistic people. 

With that in mind, we’re dedicating a series of blog posts to giving support, information, and tools to Autistic people across the internet. Throughout April our staff and beneficiaries will be writing about their #ActuallyAutistic experiences including their coping strategies and advice.

Please do remember that each post is the opinions and strategies of one Autistic individual and that they are sharing their views in the hopes you will find something useful to take away. No posts are intended to enforce opinions, choices, or strategies and are entirely written with the view to support other Autistic people like ourselves.

This is also the relaunch of our blog! Many of you may have wandered over here occasionally to seek resources and founds it hard to navigate. We’ve now tagged all of our resources making it easier to find through the categories page.

We currently now have the Accessibe Widget on the blog as well as the website! If you haven’t tried it out, click the little blue circle in the bottom right of the screen, it’s amazing! We have also done our best to ensure all images contain “Alt Text” for our visitors using screen readers.

Please do inform us of any accessibility issues (because we may not be aware of them) and we’ll do our best to fix them.

We hope this series will give you some new tips and techniques, and if you’d like to contribute to our blog please do get in touch.

Please Consider Donating

All donations received from the blog this month will go towards supporting our Advocacy Service
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