Louisa Hackford-Gentle (She/Her)

Louisa Hackford-Gentle (She/Her)

Louisa is the Chief Operations Officer at Autistic Nottingham, she was diagnosed Autistic at the age of 26 and diagnosed with ADHD at the age of 28. Louisa also has C-PTSD as well as Fibromyalgia. Louisa likes to contribute to the blog on topics such as coping mechanisms, living with anxiety and lifelong conditions, as well as advocating for yourself and others.

Leigh Woosey (He/Him, They/Them)

Leigh Woosey (He/Him, They/Them)

Leigh is a neurodivergent Graphic Designer with special interest in accessibility, inclusion and UX. Based in Nottingham, Leigh has worked extensively in the tabletop games industry before becoming the social media manager for Autistic Nottingham.

Claire Smith  (She/Her)

Claire Smith (She/Her)

Claire is the Chief Executive Officer for Autistic Nottingham. She founded the charity along with a team of other late diagnosed Autistic adults, and sporadically blogs as “theamazinganomaly”

Bob Allison  (He/Him)

Bob Allison (He/Him)

Bob is our Head of Training and Development. He is keen to dispel the myths and stereotypes that surround Autism and the Autistic Community. Has spent a lifetime trying to do his best in environments that are unsuitable to work in. He has been described as cantankerous, but he completely disagrees with that.

Katherine McKay  (She/Her)

Katherine McKay (She/Her)

My name is Kathy, I’m 29 years old from Gibraltar. I recently finished my Psychology with Counseling skills BS at Middlesex University. I came to Nottingham and shortly after I started working with Autistic Nottingham. I am Autistic with ADHD, I enjoy Psychology, crafts, animals and cooking

Phil Bilzon (He/Him)

Phil Bilzon (He/Him)

Phil is an Autism Mentor, Advocate and Personal Assistant. He has experience in working within mental health and has over twenty years of expertise in employment for people with varying disadvantages. He plays the ukulele badly, enjoys reading, music, old black and white films and is a dab-hand in the kitchen. He likes flat caps, beer, rolling his own cigarettes and is, says his wife, the embodiment of a Northern male. Phil was diagnosed autistic late in life and is particularly keen on post diagnosis discussions with other later developers.